Smitten at the Dashing Dalmatian

A comedic Twine game about the awkward, difficult experience of public infatuation.


Solo project: Twine (Harlowe) and writing.

Details: In this project, I encountered the challenges of planning and implementing a branching narrative. It was tricky, but also extremely fun to write the various scenarios, as I had to figure out how to make the interactions between the player and the crush feel natural, and tie each possible outcome into the next situation.

Design Work: Sketches & Planning

Mind maps and diagrams helped me a lot when planning out Smitten's mechanics and structure, and I like to use my tablet for this, as it makes colour-coding and editing easier.


The mechanic that stayed was 'likeability', which determined whether or not the player would succeed in getting their crush's number based on their actions. Others, like the anxiety meter, were scrapped for efficiency.

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Smitten Planning 04