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What I've Been Up To (Nov 2019)

It's been a very hectic and eventful month for me, to put it lightly. Here's what's been going on for me in the past month:

  • I took part in the SEA Game Jam at the start of this month as a designer! You can read about it here on Bunny Gaming, which I was interviewed for (by chance, I was literally tapped on the shoulder and told "hey we need you for an interview"), along with four other jammers.

  • And the even more aaahhh part: my team and our competitive guessing game, Pix It First, was awarded 1st place in the SEA Game Jam Awards. Check out the game on Itch here ^^ And also, pics of me internally yelling the whole time, and the team celebration photo after:

Team M, left to right: Stevannus Lake, Alex Ong, Felix Leong, me, and Fikri Suhaimi

  • The cooking/crafting system design analysis series is on hold for now. It was already getting difficult to keep up while I was job hunting and networking, and it's only going to be more busy for me from here on out. Maybe I'll get to return to it when I've had time to settle into my job!

  • Speaking of which, since I saved the biggest kicks for last: I start my first studio role next week, as a game designer + writer at Weyrdworks! I'm nervous and pumped all at once to start work, and going straight into a full-time role, no less. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful right now, but also...

  • I feel like it's valuable to note the downs that come with the ups, especially when they happen at the same time, because that's...something that happens in reality, but often gets hidden away or buried when we talk about achievements. Have to show all the good on social media, keep a brand and a positive face, etc. The adrenaline of all these events and changes to my life seems to have passed, and I find myself in a bit of slump right now. I think it's healthy to acknowledge that, knowing that time will take its course and it'll eventually return to equilibrium.

That's all for now. See you in a month's time ~

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