Smash ice blocks with fiery precision in Augmented Reality.


Group project: game design, art direction, UI/UX.

Details: I co-designed the game with my teammates, and was responsible for researching and developing the game's visual style. I also created screen mockups, and designed an ergonomic AR mat, and co-created personas to reflect out target audience, all of which were used in pitch presentations to the client.

Design Work: Sketches & Planning

'POLAR BLAST' was the first time I got to work on a mobile game, and on user interface design. With regards to the menu screen, these sketches were focused on creating a consistent look and feel, while also making a strong visual impact through a clear 'ice and fire' theme. 

The latter three images were diagrams illustrating the tutorial design. The idea was to rely on visuals over words to teach the player how to start the game, as the player would encounter the tutorial the first time they played the game.

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