Pix It First (SEA Game Jam)

A casual competitive 4v4 guessing game...


Group project: design & art. Made with Stevannus Lake,

Felix Leong, Fikri Suhaimi and Alex Ong Chee Ren.

Details: The SEA Game Jam took place over two days, with the theme "My Phone Made This". After scrapping our first idea for a pixel art matching game, we were back to the drawing board. Through open discussion and a couple of eureka moments, we came up with Pix It Together, which allowed the team to start afresh while reusing the same photo pixelation app and techniques we'd picked up previously, and to make better use of the team's skillset.

Without the need for detailed design docs or elaborate mechanics, my main responsibilities were to ensure that the team was on the same page with the game's design, to gauge and test the game's difficulty, and to fill in as a 2D artist for the game's UI assets.

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