Noot Shoot

Pelt enemy penguins away and avoid getting pushed off your ice floe in this tiny 2D Unity game!


Group project: design, art and audio implementation.

Details: I made this tiny, replayable game with my friend Micheal Barton, to the theme "flounder". The idea of of penguins waddling haphazardly on slippery ice materialised, an the focus of this project naturally shifted to game feel - how do you successfully capture the sensation of floundering?


Micheal and I first decided on adding drag to the player character's movement, but this became too difficult to get right in the short time we had. So we decided on animation instead: I made a series of frames for the penguin's arms, and set them to waddle back and forth while matching the body's acceleration. The time I spent tweaking this paid off, as it became the game's highlight.

Credits: Music is Shilleop by Tyler Glail.

Programming and design: Micheal Barton

Design Work: Sketches & Planning

Sometimes pen and paper just work best. Given we only had three days to make this game, these quick-and-dirty sketches were all made on the first day. I use these when I'm working out level layouts, or the rough beginnings of a mechanic.

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Noot Shoot sketches 01