Current Project: SuperSchool

Run a Super School of unruly Superteens. Do as you see fit. Change the world.


Group project: Creative Direction (art, narrative and UI)

Details: SuperSchool is a superpowered management game, and my final year project for university. My responsibilities include narrative design, UI design, and creating 2D assets. More details to come.

The Spirits of Bluebirch Forest (Bitsy Harvest Jam)

There's an unexpected visitor at the McLaughlin Farm! 


Solo project: art, level design, writing, Bitsy.

Details: A short and sweet interactive story made for the Harvest Bitsy Jam in September 2018 that I had a lot of fun creating. It's even been featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Big Boss Battle.

Smitten at the Dashing Dalmatian

A short & sweet Twine interactive story about messily trying to ask someone out in a pub.


Solo project: Twine (Harlowe), writing (branching narrative).

Details: A comedic Twine game about the awkward, difficult experience of successfully asking someone out at a pub. The game contains several endings with varying endgame success (and failure), and the opportunity to choose your own drinks.

Noot Shoot

Pelt enemy penguins away and avoid getting pushed off your ice floe in this tiny 2D Unity game!


Group project: art, design and audio.

Details: I made this tiny game with my friend Micheal Barton at the start of my final year of university. The game was praised for its use of animation and music, and Micheal used it as the artefact for his dissertation on game feel.


A narrative game about a grieving wolf trying to save what's dear to her. Made in Unity with Fungus.


Solo project: Unity3D, writing, narrative and level design

Details: This was my 2nd year narrative game project in university.


Tower Takers

I'm doing marketing research and social media asset + post creation for Tower Takers, a turn-based tactics/base management game. Learn more about it @towertakersgame, where we post weekly on #screenshotsaturday.

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