Faith (2018)

[Download the game here]

A narrative-driven game about a grieving wolf who goes against what's expected of her,

in order to save her homeland. 

Role: Sole Contributor
Skills involved:

  • Narrative - Writing the characters and plot, and the in-game dialogue and flavour text, creating the world of Faith

  • 3D Level Design - Planning four interconnected levels intended for a linear storyline and some free exploration, with some platforming involved

  • Programming - Adapting an existing move script to a quadrupedal player character, working with the Fungus plug-in for triggering dialogue and events 

  • Audio - Finding appropriate music and sound effects and adding them to the game.

More about this project:

This is my most recent game project, and the final one for this year's Narrative and Gameplay Design module. The focus behind this project was to craft a narrative experience with an emphasis on environmental storytelling, and progressive mechanics that tied into this narrative.

The biggest lesson I've (re)learned from this project is that trying new things will always take more time than you think. I pushed myself a lot to make things I had not done before, from working with a quadrupedal player character, to building organic 3D environments. The struggle to get all these new elements working tied in with the struggle of managing several concurrent projects, and while it was tough, I've found this experience to be invaluable for the future. The final product is less ambitious than I would like, but I'm proud of what I've managed to make, and I'm keen to improve the skills developed and create something even better.

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